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Monday, May 11, 2015

Crunch time

I hope everyone had a marvelous Mother's Day weekend! The kids worked extremely hard on their scarves last week, and were super excited to give them to you this weekend! I hope you asked them how they made it! It was quite the process! 

I was very happy that the weather was so nice this weekend- I hope everyone got to enjoy it one way or another. Not sure if the kids told you, but I made a pretty grown-up purchase last month, and am now a first time homeowner! The last few weeks have been busy for my family and I, as we have been spending all of our free time gutting the place out for remodeling. With the celebration this weekend, everyone came together and we made a lot of progress. Nothing made Mrs. Davidson more excited than taping windows on Saturday. But now, the walls are primed and ready to paint- and wow does that make a load of difference! HGTV and Home Makeover make it look so easy- but it took us all day to get to that point! At this rate, we are hoping to have the project  completed by July- so keep your eyes peeled for your new neighbor in July! :)

This week and the next week look pretty dangerous. :P

**final round of reading assessments will be happening all week  the next 3 weeks**

Tomorrow we will have our MAP reading tests, which will take the entire reading time from 11:40-12:40. There will be make ups later this week and next week if they do not finish. Also, my math students will have their unit 10 math test. These next two units are much shorter than units 6-8, so testing will happen pretty quick in the next 3 weeks. 

On Wednesday, the students will get to watch the musical performance of "Shrek the Musical" held in the Dining Commons at 2:30. I saw them practice a bit on Friday, and it's pretty awesome. I am very excited for the kids to see it! 

On Thursday, the 14th, my Math kids will be taking their MAPS math tests, and they will have the entire time to complete their tests.  

Then on Friday, students will be hanging out with Officer Wilson one last time to talk about internet safety. Officer Wilson is our School Liaison officer, and he is returning to "the streets" next year, and we will be joined by a new officer next year. 

Next week on Tuesday, we will be having our final W.E.B. gathering, and the students will be going to Parisi Park.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments. 
There are only 4 weeks left!!!

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