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Friday, January 13, 2017


Finally, today is the day the kids have been waiting for! The Informational Unit is over, and we can move on to...MORE INFORMATION! 

But now it's going to be in the form of an argument. :)

I am so proud of how hard the kids have been working- and you can really see their growth in their final products. They've worked extremely hard this last unit- even with the nice interruptions of the holiday breaks, I am still very proud of their final products! So kudos to them, as I hope they carry on what they have learned towards the future, when they have to do it again in 6th grade. 

Coming up this month, we will be working on a argumentative unit. Currently, they are working in groups on learning to read and focus on the elements of a good argument during reader's workshop. During writer's workshop, we are going to dive into the BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device) and start a warm up with that argument.Then, I am going to unleash the fury of their own opinions on various topics that interest them, and let them take the reigns once again.  The key to a good argument is good organization and strong sources. So, if you are looking for ways to help your child with writing at home, those are two topics that they can definitely use help with, always. Also, if anyone has professional experience in the art of arguing and would like to come and talk with the kiddos, please let me know, as it's always better to have real life experience than just take my word for it.  

Also, just over the horizon is our first major "field trip." We are headed to the high school to watch the MHS performance of "Seed Folks" on February 1st. Keep your eyes open for a permission slip coming home next week. 

Another permission slip that will be making it's way towards you is the annual, "Share The Reading" event, where KMS students go to the elementary schools and read with the elementary students for an hour and share the love of reading. This will be taking place towards the end of February, and is a really fun event. Mr. Engle, our Dean of Students, usually helps coordinate the event, and tries to get students to go back to their old elementary schools. The kids usually love it. 

Remember, no school on Monday as it is the ever ironic holiday, "Martin Luther King Jr. Day". Enjoy the time off :) See everyone on Tuesday!