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Thursday, June 25, 2015


I was so excited to see so many familiar faces at the Library today! If you were not able to attend, no worries! I will be there on most Thursdays tutoring in the morning, so I will be hanging around for an hour or two afterwards!

Molly and Anna recommended The Time of the Fireflies by Kimberly Griffiths Little, and I was so into it I got to chapter 10. It's a great fantasy novel with some time traveling down south in the Bayou.  I was also able to pick up the The Thief Lord  by Cornelia Funke, who is the same author of our last read aloud, Inkheart. Hopefully that is just as exciting and easy to read.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

First Library Day

I hope everyone has having a fabulous summer so far!

First of all, I am going to be at the Middleton Public Library from 11-1 this Thursday,  working on some reading  if anyone would like to join me!

Second of all,  I was so excited to see a few of you at the Madison Radicals game last weekend- it was a great game to watch! One of the players from Chicago Wildfire made the ESPN top ten list at #2 for an incredible catch at the end.  That's usually a good sign for everybody. This weekend they have a bye, then the next weekend after the fourth they are playing Indianapolis (7/12 - "Family Day"), and then Cincinnati the weekend after, all in Madison. Tickets are $5 and kids under 12 get in free!

Espn top ten catch: AJ Nelson (Chicago Wildfire)

Brain Hart's Dramatic Catch

Wednesday, June 10, 2015


I can't believe the school year is over. I've been crying on and off the last two days, and my heart is very heavy. I never thought I would say that I hate the last day of school. I have been trying to come up with the best way to end the year with the kids. I have written this blog about 15 times over and over and it's been very challenging to find the right words to say.

First,  I have truly enjoyed having your kids be in my class. I feel so blessed to have had their uniqueness blossom in 504 this year.  I loved learning about who they are, as well as help them find their way through this year. We've had ups and downs and bumps and bruises, but we've all made it out surviving, strong and resilient.

Second, Teachers always say that you never forget your first class.
 I don't think it is feasible to forget the kind of impact the kids have made on me. I've learned so much about teaching this year, I can't wait to carry on and continue growing as an educator next year.

Third, I am so happy that Kromrey is a 5-8  building. I do not know how 5th grade teachers in previous years (now 4th grader teachers) and the 8th grade teachers handle the separation. I am excited for the next group of kids, however, I am even more excited that I can continue supporting this group for the next three years.

Thank you parents.

Thank you so much for your endless support and compassion. Thank you for following up with your child and helping them stay organized and focused. Thank you for coming to parent teacher nights and open houses, and spirit afternoons and field trips. Thank you for being an active role model in our community, and in our classrooms. The kids see that, and they model that behavior whether they realize it or not.

This year has been incredible. I am going to miss them dearly. Next year has tough competition to beat.

Thank you. Have a great, and safe summer!

-Ms. Davidson