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Friday, June 10, 2016

The end is just the beginning.

I can't believe the day has finally come.  All week I have been thinking about how the last day of school was going to go, and even with the ugly weather forecast, I think our class had a marvelous day (for the most part).  The final minutes were awful- trying to cram in the final goodbyes for the summer as tears were shed and hugs were being dished out left and right. Then the bell rang and out the door they went.

I am so proud of each and every one of your children, as they have grown so much in so many different ways throughout this year. 5th grade is one of the most challenging years because it is one of the most difficult points of transition in their young lives, and I believe they all did spectacular.  I am going to miss everyone of them very much next year, as it will never be the same. This may be the end of our year together, but is just the beginning of a beautiful and marvelous relationship in the days to come, as I will always be cheering for them from the 5th grade wing.

Once again, I want to say thank you to all of my parents. Without your support, understanding, flexibility and faith, this school year wouldn't have gone as well as it did. I know there were some challenging where your child might have told you some interesting stories, as no school year is ever without. But thank you for not only helping your child process and understand, but also believing my intentions were always good.

Summer Events:
I will keep all of you posted on those events here on the blog.

This summer I plan on being at the Middleton Public Library to read from 1-3 on Tuesdays- if that changes I will update it on the blog. I invite everyone to come and read with me. Usually we check in with each other and are so excited to chat again, reading doesn't always get accomplished (:P) but it's usually a good time.

Also, I will be returning from Brazil on July 3rd- and the BFG movie will be released on July 1st.  BFG is my all time favorite book (changed my life as a 5th grader), and was a read aloud this year. I am going to try and go see it in theaters on July 5th - you are also welcome to come and bring your kiddo to watch the movie with me! I will try and bring enough snozzcumbers for everyone to enjoy.

date TBD.

Feel free to email me over the summer if you have any questions or concerns coming up.