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Monday, March 28, 2016

Back from Break

Welcome back from Break! 
I hope everyone had a blast! I definitely noticed a few of the kiddos returning with quite the tan! 

Here is a calendar for the month, as many of you requested to see. The plan is to be ready to start writing our last beast, memoirs by the last week of the month. This is ideal, but we are interrupted by the FORWARD state exams next week. 

With that in mind, please do not take your child out for any appointments or extracurriculars during the mentioned times. If it's impossible, we can make it work, but it's always easier this way. 

The calendar is set up Monday- Sunday. 

Couple things to take note other than the State exams:
1.  Human Growth and Development classes are this week at the end of the day. Please talk to your kids about what they are learning, as I am sure they have questions.

2. End of 3rd quarter is on Friday! Can you believe it! Grades will be coming out the following week.

3. The American Ultimate Disc League (a Professional Ultimate Frisbee league)  season is near and Madison's very own Madison Radicals are playing their first game of the season versus Minnesota Wind Chill on Saturday, April 9th, and Breese Stevens Field! It's a blast, and kids under 12 get in free! If you have nothing to do that day, come on down!

4. Colonial Day is coming!
With all of the talk about colonial life in social studies classes, with the impending American Revolution coming up, the entire fifth grade is partaking in Colonial Day! In the morning, we are hosting events for the kids to take place in our rooms and do various activities.  More information will be coming soon.

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