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Monday, March 7, 2016

March Madness

This month has some pretty exciting events coming up. As per request, I am updating the blog with a plan for the week. Eventually, I'll create something for you to see the weeks ahead- but that's going to take a little bit of time after conferences are over.

So far this is the plan. If you've noticed in red, the kids are I are working on redoing our classroom contract. In an effort to help speed up our progress in writing and reading, there are a lot of us struggling with staying on task and using our time appropriately. Unfortunately, there is only so much I can do, so as a way to refocus ourselves, we are going back to the basics and spending a lot of time this week going over our expectations of ourselves and of each other. I am confident that this conversation will be continuing out throughout the whole month of March, being that Spring Break is in between, and should be the true test of their learning.

Parent Teacher conferences have been going very well, I appreciate everyone coming in after work and spending time with me! It's been a blast getting to see everyone again and gush about your child's progress this year. I will be going through a sheet I had the kids fill out with a bunch of information of a reflection on their progress so far this year, but as well as some test scores and writing samples.  Keep in mind the last time we talked, we've only legitimately completed one writing unit and are currently in the midst of another beast- the argument essay. I have been asking the kids since last week to do some research at home, as we don't have the luxury of getting Chromebooks out every day until May to look for facts. So if you're looking for some homework to make sure your child does,  please, ask your child about their topic they are writing about, and help them find some facts! They need at least 9 (3 for each reason)! Most of the topics are pretty straight forward and easy to find if they focus on what their job is.
I do not think that we will be completing the argument essay before Spring Break, but I would like to be ready to publish when we get back at the very least.

Spirit Month:
Unfortunately, due to the field trip we are taking this Friday, the kids will not be able to take part in any Spirit Night themed activities. So to make up for that, I am running a Spirit themed infused month, that includes 2-3 activities each week for the classes to complete before spring break. The kids will be doing everything from taking class pictures, dressing up, creating cheers, taking selfies, and the list grows on. Hopefully, next Friday, UW Band members will be joining us and playing for us as well.

Missing Dog:
After the READ IN last Friday, my stuffed Golden Retriever, Leliah went missing. If anyone sees her or knows of her whereabouts, she's a good dog: doesn't make a mess when eating, doesn't bark or use the restroom in the house. Please let me know, she is surely missed.

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