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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Round Three- Let's Begin!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day weekend! I won't be able to write a thorough summary every Sunday, but I can start us off on a good note! Most Likely this will turn into a "homework" update. Please note, I do not give very much homework, outside of reading at least 30 minutes every day, maybe some easy word work, and a math assignment, which will most likely be every other day.   If you have questions, please have your child send me an email about it!
Here is the plan for the week:

1. More routines and rituals around KMS. The first few weeks of 5th grade is going to be spending a lot of time breaking this down so that we don't have to revist behaviors and routines later in the school year too much. Plus, KMS can be overwhelming at first!  Expect the kids to talk about getting around KMS, and various bus, bathroom and hallway procedures, as well as other classroom routines and expectations, such as workshop "non-negotiables", and reading at home! 

2.  More getting to know you activities such as : Book Histories and writing journal decorations! We are going to present a project hopefully on Friday about our book history. For example, when I was in 5th grade, I remember reading these books: BFG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factor and Chicken Soup for the Soul, etc. I encourage you to talk to your kiddos about their most influential books, and the worst books you remember. (BFG is my life changer. I'll be telling the kiddos alllllll about it this school year, and showing them why it's my favorite book as a read aloud!) Share your book histories with your kiddos! They will love to tell me about it the next day!
We are also planning on decorating Journals with magazine clippings, personal pictures, etc. on Tuesday, Wednesday and finishing up on Thursday. Please bring materials for the kids to use, as I only have so many magazines. 

3. Spelling inventory. I will be assessing the kiddos in their spelling skills and placing them in Words Their Way groups hopefully by next week, so we can get the ball rolling! 

4. Fountas and Pinelle testing will hopefully start Friday, or early next week! Once we get workshop rolling, it will be easier for me to get them started. 

Please have ready this week:
Student Information Card
Magazines for your kids to use and cut up

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