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Monday, October 24, 2016


The first round of parent-teacher conferences will be held on November 10th and 17th, from 3:45-7:45. I have time slots opened and available for pick up on SignUpGenius, which is a link I just sent everyone in their emails. 

Conferences will be only 15 minutes long, which is just enough time for me to tell you about your child's progress and what to look forward to,  and answer any questions you may have ahead of time. I usually have a list of things I walk through during that time, but by all means, it is your conference. If you have questions or concerns and would rather spend your time with me on those topics, please let me know ahead of time, so I can generate those answers for you. 

 Topics I will cover:
-How awesome your kid is(--->for real, I'm a huge fan) 
-Writing goals/ achievements
-Reading goals/achievements
-what we are working on in the future, so you are aware of what's happening!
-Possibly math goals and progress (Mostly for those in my math homeroom)

I am so excited to see all of you again- if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! 

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