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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Authors

Watch out Oscars, and the Academy and goodbye Golden Globes, The Authors has now arrived and has established itself as the elite award show at Kromrey Middle School. 

Reported with help from the Kromrey News, Mrs. Davidson (the real Mrs. Davidson) and Ms. Davidson. 

The first annual "Authors" award ceremony was a huge success! Aside from the lack of background and classy music, the show was a huge hit. There were only a few tears, but lots of smiles.  We even had some musical free-styling from Nick T and the Bliss Band!

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported the celebration! Hopefully next round we will have more time! What a fun ending to our writing successes.

Some snippits:
"Oh Stephen, who is your date that you brought with you today, and who are you wearing?"
Stephen: um...I don't have a date. And I am wearing nothing. I mean no one."

Ms. D: Wow Zack Bliss, I see that you have won the award for Best Vocabulary! How does it feel?
Zack: It feels so great. I like words.
Ms. D: So Who are you wearing and who did you bring with you today as a date?
Zack: Uhhh, I didn't bring a date, and I'm wearing Nick T.!
Ms. D: Oh wow that's an original tie by Nick T. I hear everyone is wearing him. He's an up and comer'. Tell me about this tie of his that you are wearing. What is it made out of?
Zack: It's made out of ductape.
Ms. D: Well it's just fabulous.

Thank you to the 7th and 8th grade phy ed students for the applause!

Stephen kissing his award for "Best Teacher Voice"

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