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Tuesday, October 27, 2015


So, the kids and I have been up to a few things the last two weeks. First of all, the students earned a phenomenal read-in. They had an absolute BLAST. We pulled some of the collaboration furniture into the room, moved all of the tables and chairs to the side and cuddled up on the floor with our stuffed animals (yes, I had one to. I have a "Toothless" that I am quite fond of...). It seemed like they really enjoyed the experience, and I am looking forward to the next one.
On a side note, the upstairs floor HAS INVITED US to another read in tomorrow, between 8:45-9:45, same rules apply. Anything they bring with them must stay in their lockers after the read in.

Last week, we had a truly incredible opportunity of welcoming a member of the Oneida community, Mark Denning.

Mark came to us last year and spoke to the students briefly about Native American heritage and culture. We loved it so much that Mrs. Muniz was able to get him for an entire week! Each day last week the students were engaged in a variety of activities that explored Native American horses, lacrosse, stereotypes, dancing and houses.  They had a blast and did a marvelous job learning with him each day. We haven't started talking about Native Americans just yet, so it was a fabulous pre teaching experience.

We are finishing up this week with a few units. Namely, the Narrative writing unit, as well as the Interpretation Book Clubs.  On Tuesday, we spent time reading our stories out loud to our "ships" and then nominated up to two people to share in in front of the entire class voluntarily.  I was so impressed with everyone who shared their stories today. They all embraced each other's strengths and challenges, provided feedback and celebrated our first, of many major successes.

Let me know if you have any questions, I will try to update again soon!

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